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*We serve our clients personally. No answering service here. One of our team members will always answer the phone from 9 AM to 5 PM. After hours and on weekends, we receive any voicemails or text messages and will reply to those promptly.


*Borrowers can apply in person, over the phone, or online! It’s quite simple to get started. Go to:


*There is no guesswork in our preapproval process! Ken and our loan partners will work with the borrower to get pre-approved. When we pre-approve a borrower we review their documents, go through a 117-point checklist, and run their file through the desktop underwriting program. We issue the pre-approval letter and send you a copy as well as the borrower.


*Free personalized credit game plans! IF a borrower is not able to be pre-approved at this time we will develop a credit game plan tailored to the borrower and their homeownership goals. We will provide a written game plan to the borrower and follow up with the borrower at a set frequency. We will also let the realtor know the time frame of the game plan when the borrower might be able to be preapproved. Please consult with a qualified credit counseling agency for advice.


*Communication is a cornerstone of our success! Once a borrower has a contract we will go over the disclosures with the borrower (in person or online – whichever the borrower prefers) and the file will move to processing. Our processors all have years of experience in the mortgage industry. They will work with the borrower, listing agent, and buyer’s agent through the entire process. They will receive updates on the file two times a week at minimum. We believe communication is key for everyone in the process.


*We keep the cost down! We do not have an appraisal management company for our appraisals. We have an appraisal desk at our corporate office that handles all of the appraisal orders. This helps to keep the cost down for our borrowers. Our processors order the appraisal once the realtor and the borrowers say it is okay. (typically as soon as possible after the home inspection)

*Quick underwriting turn time! Our underwriting team is located out of our corporate headquarters in Michigan. We have an amazing underwriting team manager who is always available for questions and assistance.


*Clear communication for closing! Our processors will work with the title company, realtors, and borrowers to schedule the closing and clearly communicate all the details for closing to the borrower. We understand that many borrowers do not close on a home very often and we will make sure that they understand and have all the information for the closing.


*We strive to be the borrower’s lifelong mortgage consultant. The average homeowner has 11 mortgage transactions in their lifetime. We want to help with all of their mortgage needs. We follow up with borrowers every quarter after the loan closes as well as mortgage anniversary dates and birthdays. We create a relationship with our borrowers.


We believe: EVERY BORROWER HAS THE RIGHT: ... to our time as professionals in the industry

to receive qualified advice

... to tell their story

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Getting a mortgage loan can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Prost Mortgage Group is a mortgage lender helping you make informed and confident decisions when securing a mortgage loan. Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner needing a mortgage loan or an existing homeowner thinking about refinancing, our team is happy to help you.

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