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A Low Credit Score Does NOT Always = NO When Buying A Home


2022 certainly has proven to be an interesting one in the housing market. As Mortgage Lenders in Northern Ky, we are asked daily, “Is my credit score too low to buy a home?” The great news is that we can often assist folks quickly in turning their credit score around and get them on the path to the purchase.

While we are not a credit repair company, we can help our clients review their credit and assist them in building a game plan to meet their goals. For some folks this may take some time, for others it can be a quick turnaround.


Listen to this video of Ken explaining 2 of the many great successes we helped our clients achieve just this past month. Both of these particular cases had credit scores that were too low to purchase homes and within a matter of days, they were on track to purchase their dream home.


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We are mortgage advocates who believe that every borrower has a right to our time as professionals in the industry, to receive qualified advice, and to tell their story. 


*Please consult with a qualified credit counseling agency for credit advice.

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