Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are you a mortgage broker or banker?

We are mortgage bankers with our affiliation with Polaris Home Funding, but we do act as mortgage brokers as well if a particular program is needed outside our scope of financing options. As a result, we have business relationships with a variety of national lenders to fill these customer’s needs and a particular situation.

What is the application fee?

Although other companies may charge an application fee, we do not charge one nor any other fee just for applying. We offer a no obligation, free mortgage proposal and will discuss your credit report with you.

Do you charge any origination fees or other fees?

We typically have no lender fees on any of our programs except for Rural Housing loans where there is a $735 underwriting fee.

How long does the process take?

The process typically takes less than two weeks, but a lot of it depends on your timeframe and how quickly you get us your documentation requested by the lender.

What rate can I received?

Your rate depends on many factors such as your credit rating, the amount financed versus the value of the property, and the income documentation you have available to use for the loan. We will review all options with you and chose the best scenario based on your situation.

Do you offer 100% financing?

We still have several programs that offer 100% financing even if you have average credit right now.

I just had a foreclosure / bankruptcy, Can you help me?

Although recent foreclosures and/or bankruptcies reduce the number of programs available, we still have several program options with which to place your loan and possibly even 100% financing. You do need to be out of Ch. 7 bankruptcy and foreclosure for at least two years, but three years is preferable if there any prior foreclosures. If in a Ch. 13 at least one year, there may also be some programs available to you.

I want to purchase a home, but how much do I qualify for?

There are several factors involved with this answer as well, but we will help you with a pre-qualification based on your income and credit levels. We have several programs that are more flexible regarding the debt to income ratio allowed, but ultimately it depends on your level of comfort with a particular payment if within our lenders’ program allowances.