When I called Ken and told him that my banker said, “your credit score is just too low, we can’t help you.” Ken not only told me to come in to discuss it, he gave me a handful of things to do on my own to raise it. In two months, I had raised my score over 100 points. Goes without saying, I’m in my new home thanks to Ken!

Renee Independence, Ky

They did my closing IN MY OFFICE! That kind of service exists no where but with Ken and Danielle Prost.

David Finneytown, OH

I worked with Ken mostly and he was absolutly wonderful. We started the loan in 2009 and he worked with me for 2 years and didn’t give up. He kept trying. I was very pleased ansd he was just wonderful. Danielle was nice and helpful. If I had to do it again I would go back to Ken and Danielle because of the way they treat people. Nobody works as hard as them. If anybody can get you a loan its Ken & Danielle. They worked with me for 2 years on 1 loan and that just shows how good they are. They gave 110% and it was a great experience.

Sandra Y. Louisville, Ky

After being frustrated with the bank I had been dealing with for the past two months, I contacted Ken and Danielle on a Monday morning. Ken came to my job on Tuesday morning with papers in hand for me to fill out. That act alone really impressed me. They seemed very motivated and I had the sense that they were truly interested in helping me obtain my home loan.Within the next two weeks I was one step closer to getting my home loan, and I said to Ken that they had accomplished more for me in two weeks, then the bank had in two months. Within another week or so, and before I knew it, I was signing papers and closing on my house.It was a great feeling to be signing those papers, and to know that Ken and Danielle had worked so hard to help me close the deal.

Joshua P. Cincinnati, OH

In todays economy, all you hear about is tightening credit and the mortgage crisis. Like many, I didn’t think I’d even qualify for a mortgage. But Ken and the staff at Polaris found a program that worked for me and the whole experience was handled with remarkable professionalism but also with the personal touch that made me feel like mine was the only mortgage that mattered to them.Thanks to the Polaris staff I’m now enjoying my new home. Guys, I couldn’t have done it without you, THANK YOU!! If there’s a program out there for you, Polaris will find it.

Phillip R. Alexandria, Ky

I recently worked with Ken and Danielle Prost at Polaris on a refinance mortage at 3.25%. I have worked with them before and they were once again very personable along with being very professional. They continuously take you through the process, guiding you every step of the way. I recommended them to a friend of mine and he also did a refinance with them, (he is pleased as well). Have a concern? They are there for you to answer your questions. Great Company, (and people) to work with!!!

Dave K. Wapakoneta, OH

Ken and Danielle helped every step of the way through the loan process and not only got me the best loan with a great rate but kept me informed and asked me my opinion. Highly recommend them, especially for first-time buyers.

John G. Burlington, KY

Danielle and Ken did an amazing job helping us with the financing of our new home. This was mine and my wifes fourth houes we have bought, and by far this was the easiest and least stressfull financing we have ever gone through. Thanks again for an amazing job.

Billy L. Alexandria, Ky

Ken and his wife Danielle were an absolute God send to us. Very professional with a knack and ability for presenting you in a your very best light so you have the optimal opportunity to achieve the best rates possible. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Daniel and Shirley B. Lexington, Ky

I recently purchased a home through Polaris Funding. This being my first home, I was nervous and anxious about what to expect. Danielle and Ken helped make the whole experience of purchasing my first home, nothing short of perfect. They were happy to help me with any questions and concerns I had, and they made me feel comfortable with the whole process. Polaris did for me what other agencies couldn’t, and they helped me get the house I wanted. I have to give a big thanks to Danielle and Ken for everything they did for me and my family.

Jon B. Mt Orab, Ohio

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