Meet Danielle & Ken

An Ohio native, Danielle grew up and attended school in the heart of America, with traditional American values. A mother of two, Danielle understands how important your home is to you, on a deep family level.

A Kentucky native, Ken has over 15 years of mortgage and banking experience, spanning even to Japan. Bringing his expertise and commitment back home, where for the past 7 years, he and his wife have been serving their community, and beyond, to help provide solid financial assistance to bring the dream of home ownership and stability to the Heartland.

Heading up the Northern Kentucky office for Polaris Home Funding, Danielle and Ken are there for you.  Providing reliable, personal financing solutions for individuals and families in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Headquartered in Grandville, Michigan, Polaris Home Funding currently serves 24 states with Danielle and Ken there for you in three of them!A home is typically your biggest asset. Danielle and Ken take great pride in having helped thousands achieve home ownership and others with the often confusing and tough task of refinancing. Danielle and Ken know that putting your trust in a mortgage company, especially in these tough economic times, can be a very difficult thing. Every step of the way, Danielle and Ken are there for you, helping you through the process. Whether you are purchasing your first home, refinancing an existing home, or have been through both processes before, Danielle and Ken strive to provide superior service to each of their clients.

These days it seems like you can’t turn around without seeing some sort of advertisement for competitive quotes from some company or another. The difference with Danielle, Ken, and Polaris is that every bit of information you receive is tailored to you and your needs. No wild goose chases based upon generic, computer generated figures. Danielle and Ken take your circumstances and information and painstakingly work to find the best options that fit your needs. With the combined experience and dedication, Danielle and Ken know all the different programs so they can find the right fit for each client’s needs and situation.

In today’s economy, there will no doubt be hurdles that some individuals will need to clear before they are able to obtain financing.  A divorce, credit trouble, even home repairs can stall things.  Rest assured, no matter what the time frame may be for your financing, Danielle and Ken are committed to working with you for the long haul.  Experts in understanding credit and credit scores, Danielle and Ken know that with a little bit of work, analyzing and strategically working on a clients credit, Team Prost can yield amazing results.

Financing your home does not need to be a stressful or painful experience.  Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, let Ken and Danielle guide you through the process.